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Hadrian’s Wall – Gilsland – River Irthing – Thirlwall Castle round

The River Irthing which rises in the hills around Paddaburn Moor in Border Forest Park flows south and after passing Butterburn Flow it rushes over the 10 metre high Crammel Linn waterfall at Irthing Gorge and then flows to the west of Gilsland then heads on west to join the River Eden near Newby East north of Warwick Bridge.

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Hadrian’s Wall – Steel Rigg to Housesteads round

The building of Hadrian’s Wall began in AD122 and took six years to complete. The wall stretches 73 miles (80 roman miles) from Segedunum at Wallaend on the River Tyne to the shore of the Solway Firth just west of Bowness-0n-Solway.

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