Myton to Boroughbridge Round

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Myton-on-Swale is a lovely dead end of the road little village built from east to west. On two of the three roads that lead into Myton there are stone gateways that were once the entrances to the Myton Estate which was owned by the Stapylton family from the time of Charles the first. The road ends at Myton Bridge and over the bridge to left is the battle field where the ‘White Battle’ the Battle of Myton took place on 12thOctober 1319 between the English and the Scots. The Scots massacred the English and over 4,000 men perished, the men who escaped the sword drowned in the River Swale or the River Ure. Most of the dead were monks and clerics in their white garb, hence the ‘White Battle’.

Boroughbridge is an ancient roman market town and has three squares, Market Square now known as Hall Square, St. James Square and the small square of St. Helena. The fountain in St. James Square was built over an artesian well in 1875 and was the main source of water for Boroughbridge.

The Battle of Boroughbridge took place on the 16thMarch 1322 led by Thomas of Lancaster and the earl of Hereford in rebellion against Edward the second and the Despensers, who retreated into Yorkshire to join the Scots. They found the River Ure was blocked by a strong force of infantry and archers commanded by Sir Andrew Harcla, sheriff of Cumberland. Hereford was killed and Lancaster who surrendered was executed for treason. A year later Harcla, now earl of Carlisle, was hanged for treasonable contacts with the Scots. The Battle Cross commemorating the Battle of Boroughbridge was removed to Aldborough in 1852.
The weir on the River Ure is thought to have been built between 1767 and 1769 and the canal which runs along side the river in 1770.

We park at the side of the road and walk down to the end of the village then turn right onto the bridleway, over Myton Bridge and turn immediately left with the River Swale on our left and the battle field on our right. We follow the River Swale until it meets the River Ure and then follow the River Ure to Milby Lock. We go over the bridge and follow the river on our left and the canal on our right to the roundabout at Boroughbridge, we then turn left and go over the bridge into Boroughbridge centre. We then about turn go back over the bridge then turn left at the roundabout to the weir for a bite to eat before going back to Milby Lock. At Milby Lock we go over the bridge and take the path to Milby and when we get to the road we turn right and then right again, where the road goes sharpe left, into Ellenthorpe Lane. We follow this lane past Clott House Farm, then over a beck and then you can turn right here to the river keeping a look out for the deer, or go straight ahead as we did, following the track with the tree line on our left and the battle field on our right until we come to Myton Bridge. We go over the bridge and back to our parked car.


Nice easy flat walk by the River Swale, River Ure and the canal at Boroughbridge.


Approx 8.75miles, using map OS 299 Ripon and Boroughbridge.


Myton on Swale – North Yorkshire


From York take the A19 towards Thirsk and take the left turn for Tollerton. Go through Tollerton and Flawith then take a left fork then a left turn through Myton Gates sign posted Myton 1.5miles. Road side parking.

Toilets and Refreshments

There are no toilets or refreshments in Myton. In Boroughbridge there are public toilets in the car park and for refreshments there are plenty of shops, pubs, cafes and bakeries. Also there is the weir where there are picnic tables, if you wish to relax for a while.

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