Harewood House

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Harewood is a small village near Leeds in West Yorkshire. The views on the right along the A659 between Collingham and Harewood are beautiful. The village and Harewood house sit on the T- junction of the A659 and the A61.

Harewood House a most magnificent estate was built from 1759 to 1771 for Edwin Lascelles. The house itself is a Grade 1 listed building and it is a member of Treasure Houses of England and was designed by the architects John Carr and Robert Adam. Most of the furniture is 18th century designed by Thomas Chippendale, who came from nearby Otley. Today the house is still the family home of Lascelles family. George Lascelles is the seventh Earl and his mother was Mary, Princess Royal, daughter of King George V and Queen Mary. The spectacular landscape was designed by Lancelot “Capability” Brown and the grand terrace was added by Sir Charles Barry in 1844. The estate has been transferred into a trust ownership structure and is managed by Harewood House Trust. Harewood House is open to the public for most of the year and there are tours of the house and grounds. There is also the Himalayan Garden and its stupa, an educational bird garden, an adventure playground and catering facilities to explore. The bird garden has a collection of over 90 species of birds, of which more than 30 are listed as vulnerable or endangered. Here you can see Penguins, Flamingos, Java Sparrows, Macaws, Waldrapp Ibis, Snow Geese and Ostrich as well as the many Red Kites soaring in the sky above this estate.

Red Kites are chestnut red with white patches under their wings and a pale grey head. They have hooded amber eyes ringed with yellow and their beaks are hooked and very sharp for tearing meat and killing small mammals, their diet being of small mammals, birds, carrion and fish. They keep their partners for life and live for about 4 to 5 years and lay 1 to 3 eggs in April to July. Incubation is 28 to 30 days and their young fledge in 45 to 50 days. The females are larger with a wing span of 5 feet 6 inches where as the males wingspan is 4 feet 8 inches.

We park in the no through road opposite the Harewood Arms Hotel in Harewood. There is also a car park at the end too costing £1 for 4 hours or £2 for all day. We walk back to the Hotel and turn right onto the main road and walk past the entrance to Harewood House and go through a gate in the wall on the right with a permissive path sign on it. We go through the gate and follow the path through the wood admiring the lovely array of Blue Bells. At the end of this path, next to a building, we turn right through a gate onto the Leeds Country Way and follow this along the top absorbing the wonderful views of Harewood House and the surrounding countryside. Watching for Red Kites we see many soaring above us. Soon we come to a bridge, looking to our left we can see some weir’s, here we turn left then right still following the Leeds Country Way. We then come to a junction of paths we take the right hand one which takes us down a very short way and then takes a sharp right through a bit of a wood. Soon we come to open land with a view of the lake ahead of us. We go straight forward through Home Farm, over the cattle grid then turn right at the junction of paths still following the Leeds Country Way, look for the deer, back to where the car is parked.


Easy flat walk.


Approx 5 miles using OS map 289.


Harewood House at Harewood, near Leeds, North Yorkshire.


From York head towards Wetherby and then take the A659 to Harewood on the Otley Road. Harewood house is situated on the A61.

Toilets and Refreshments

There are no public toilets.
For refreshments there is the Harewood Arms Hotel and also in Harewood House itself where there is an admission fee.

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