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Broxa is the very end of the road quiet village, with only a few farms and houses, in the Scarborough District of North Yorkshire and situated at the base of Broxa Forest. Broxa forest is mainly pine and other conifer trees with steep gills containing semi natural woodland. On the surrounding scarp slopes there are many broadleaves and some areas of native woodland. The forest has some unusual tree species and is used for woodland research and the open heaths are well maintained. A vast variety of birds can be seen here in summer and winter and because the open heath is maintained it encourages Nightjars, a nocturnal bird from Africa. There are also many insects and reptiles and adders have been reported here. In the autumn the forest floor, depending on conditions, can be a haven for fungi we found lots of different types and up above the trees will be ablaze with autumn colours. This year the fungus and the colours of autumn have been especially good. Watch carefully for the grey squirrels and the many roe deer hiding in the forest. On the top of Reasty Hill Top the views of Harwood Dale and the valley are spectacular and also up here there is plenty of wildlife including the green woodpecker and the common lizard. Ants are becoming rare in this country so ants nests are now protected during forest operations.

We park at the side of the road in Broxa and walk to the end of the village and turn right by the side of the farm. After a short distance we cross over a track and take the footpath on the left, with a sign “No Vehicle Access”, we follow this track, which bends to the right, and then we bear left downhill through the wood, seeing many species of fungus, until we come to a tarmac road. Because of the heavy rain, instead of turning left we cross the ford at the bridge and walk through the field to Lowdales Farm. We then turn right and go over another little bridge, turn right and take the footpath “sign posted with a blue arrow” round the back of the farm into Low Dales and then Whisper Dales. We follow the track and come into an open field. At the end of the field we go slightly left through the gap in the hedge and a gate and then follow the track, then start going uphill into Broxa Forest to Reasty Bank Top. When we get to Reasty Bank Top before we turn left towards Ward Hill along the wide bridleway we go forward, cross over the road and take a look at the awesome view of Harwood Dale and the valley. There is a car park here if you wish to do a walk from here or park just to admire the view. We now go back to the wide bridleway and turn towards Ward Hill. After a mile we come to Ward Hill where there is a metal gate and path on the right, but we keep to the bridleway. After passing a pile of logs we take the arrowed footpath on the left just after a dip in the track. After a short way there is a little clearing on the right and we take a footpath on the left, not sign posted, which goes downhill to a stile. We go over the stile and then over the field to Highdales Farm, which we can see ahead of us. We walk to the left of the farm, go over a beck, and turn right in front of the farm house, over the cattle grid and then go through the gate opposite the farm on the left. We now head forward on the track and following a beck on our left. We go through some gateways until we come to a wide open field with trees in front of us we cross over the small beck in the tree line then head slightly uphill to the wood. On entering the wood, over a stile, we turn left and follow the footpath until we come to a gate with a u-shaped track on the other side and we go right going uphill to a stile. We go over the stile and cross the field towards the farm and go over another stile and turn right back into Broxa.


This is a moderate to hard walk with some inclines and declines.


Approx 6.5 miles using OS map OL27.


Broxa is near Scarborough in North Yorkshire.


Take the A170 to Scarborough and on reaching West Ayton go over the bridge and take the first left for Hackness. At Hackness t-junction turn left and then at the y-junction keep to the right and then take the next right fork, a single track road just on a bend, into Broxa. There is parking at the road side.

Toilets and Refreshments

There are no public toilets. For refreshments the nearest pubs are the Moorcock Inn at Langdale End and the Hackness Grange Hotel at Hackness.

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